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Shree. S.N.Ghumtkar
President Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Education Trust, Rajgurunagar
President Message

SNGIMR, Rajgurunagar has a distinct mission that has made it a leader in the field of management education. Management education today, not only focuses on imparting knowledge & skills but also on the overall development of the students. In this fact paced competitive world, unabated learning and ability to innovate are the key focus areas of most organizations. We have designed our programmes keeping exactly these demands of the industry in mind to ensure that the students from rural area get opportunities to maximize their learning and increase the horizon of their knowledge.

SNGIMR is giving its students an opportunity for personal development and to bring about social reforms.

We look forward to have a long and prosperous association with you.


Mr.Ganesh S.Ghumatkar
Vice-President Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Education Trust, Rajgurunagar
Vice-President Message

SNGIMR, Rajgurunagar, envision that for an outstanding institution to be created, it must start by kindling the fire of true knowledge and passion for excellence in the young hearts and minds, not to be another run of the mill college but an institute whose goal will always remain to excel in all the fields and build responsible citizens of the modern competitive world.

The team at the helm of affairs here firmly believes that "Quality" is the only magic word essential for our survival and growth in today's cut throat competitive scenario. At the same time we also believe that "Quest for Quality" is never ending process. Whatever shortcomings we may have today, we are at work collectively to ensure incredible value additions amongst our students during their four years stay with us.

At the same time we also confidently ensure that the alumni of our college will always feel proud of their choice of institution in the future life.

My best wishes to the students and the guardians who have shown faith in us.

Dr.Kishor Jagtap
Director S.N.G.Institute of Management and Research (SNGIMR) (M.Com..M. Phil., Ph.D., M.B.A., L.L.B., D.T.L. D.L.L. & L.W., G.D.C. &A., AMIMA.)
Director Message

Within the wide boundaries of the corporate world, there are thousands of challenging activities which are to be done in the best possible manner. Amidst the changing paradigms, it is important that Institutes develop business leaders capable of adapting to business scenario. Management education plays a dynamic role in strategizing various activities involved in building such esteemed and recognized Organizations.

At SNGIMR, Rajgurunagar, we diligently practice it in the cut-throat competitive race where our students are fed with knowledge of "What runs the industry" and "What the industry wants". To meet the growing demand for relevant talents student's development activities here focuses on innovation, true internal quest and deep exploration with wise application. I quote "It is your moment's decision that your destiny is shape" By Anthony Robbins. So, come forth & take your first step towards successful and an empowered future.

Student Feedback

What they say


There are very few moments in one's life when one feels to be genuinely fortunate. One such moment in my life was when I joined SNGIMR, Rajgurunagar as a student. The time spent at SNGIMR has taught me a great deal about management, networking, making friends, living life as it ought to be lived but most importantly to keep questioning, to never let that curiosity bug inside me die. I will eternally be thankful to SNGIMR and all the people associated with it for being a glorious part of my life.

Mr. Parag Shindekar
Director, Capgemini Engineering

The unique and distinctive proposition of learning at SNGIMR, Rajgurunagar through collective discourse providing both theoretical concept clarity and application-oriented methodology has helped me in understanding the management concepts in a more effective way. We had the opportunity to learn through the extremely interactive and engaging lectures from the in-house faculty and visiting professors with both industrial experience and academic experience.

Mr. Prashant Langare
Director, New Solar Technology, Pune